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Buyer's Guide

Thinking about investing in a swimming pool or spa? You might have a ton of questions before making that big decision. Here are some frequently asked questions to help you make an informed decision when it comes to a swimming pool or spa for your humble abode.

If you are actively considering a swimming pool installation for your home, you might be wondering if the cost associated with the installation will prove beneficial when it comes time to sell your home. Ultimately, the addition of a swimming pool may add value to your humble abode — but it all depends on a few key factors like the type of pool installed and how well you maintain it throughout the years.
Although the length of building a swimming pool varies based on the materials used, typically, it will take approximately 8 -10 weeks for traditionally sized projects. However, larger projects may take up to 12-16 weeks (3-4 months) from the initial meeting to the completion of the installation.
The short answer is absolutely. However, our design experts will gladly work with you to find a suitable swimming pool design to fit the space you have in your backyard. No matter how big or small or simple or complex, our experienced professionals are here to help work with you to create a luxurious oasis you’ve always dreamed of in your own backyard.
Typically, we find the spring to be the best time for a swimming pool or spa installation. Although investing in a large construction project like a swimming pool installation can seem like a process that is too large, we are here to help make the process easier and more manageable to tackle.

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Whether it’s a pool renovation or designing a custom swimming pool from scratch, Afford A Pool & Spa is here to help you out. For nearly 30 years, Afford A Pool & Spa has designed custom pools and renovated all types of pools for homeowners all around Maryland and the surrounding areas. Give us a call to experience our expertise first-hand.
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